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Personalised for your child...

All of our delightful letters from Santa are personalised (for that extra special, tailor-made feel) and come complete with Santa's very own handwritten signature on the bottom of each letter in gold ink and his very own North Pole Postmark on the envelope!  

Every letter is personalised with:

  • The child's Name
  • The child's Age
  • 1 OR 2 good things the child has done
  • The gift they would like
  • The child's Suburb OR City
  • Santa's handwritten signature  - in GOLD ink - (Not computer generated or printed)
  • Named RED envelope with a special North Pole Santa Postmark.

Ignite the magic of Christmas with one of our personalised, traditional hand signed letters from Santa...

Two designs to choose from - Traditional or Modern


Printed onto real Parchment Paper


Printed onto white linen paper

**Please note that each Santa letter is placed into an individual red envelope {that has Santa's postmark} with the child's name on it.  However, the Santa letter will NOT be posted directly to the child – instead they are placed into a discreet white envelope and posted to YOU.  This is so that you can choose when and how best to deliver the letter to the child (some people like to put them in the mail-box, others like to put them under pillows etc).  Orders for multiple letters will be posted together in the same outer envelope so that you receive all of your Santa letters at the same time.   

Fill out the details below and click onto the 'buy now' button below to securely pay for your Childs 'PERSONALISED' Santa Letter using PayPal.  Once we have received your payment we will contact you via email for the personalisation details for your child's letter.

  • Your letter/s will be posted out on the 4th December 2014.

Order Form:

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Your email address:
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Design {Traditional OR Modern}
{If ordering a mix of designs please specify  - example: 1xTraditional & 2xModern}


Please be assured that all of your personal information is kept confidential - we will not sell or share your information (unless required by law).

If you have ANY questions please call me on 04079 78420 or send an email to me at .

I look forward to posting out your little one's personalised Santa Letter in the near future!

Rechelle X